Ferguson Springs is licenced to farm Trout, Marron, Silver Perch and Barramundi. The cool spring water on the farm enables us to keep trout year round, and with several new ponds we are expanding our Silver Perch breeding program.


 Some of the spawning tanks, the insulation helps maintain water temps at 24C.  The incubation tanks where Silver Perch eggs are hatched.

Our ponds range in size from 2200m
2 down to just over 100m2. They are situated in a gully so each one sits lower than the next, this enables us to drain water from one pond to another through the use of gravity. At the bottom of the property is a wetland where nutrients are removed from the water before it goes into a storage dam. Water from this lower dam is then pumped to the main water storage dam where it is then used as required.

Typical netted pond at Ferguson Springs, ponds hold stock over the cooler months before being drained in the spring and then used to raise perch larvae to fry

Our first foray into aquaponics was in 2006 when we established a small trial NFT system. Our current system has produced an endless supply of fresh vegetables, been home to many different sizes and species of fish and all with virtually no maintenance. With the tanks in the aquaculture operation requiring daily water exchanges, backwashing and cleaning of filters and constant monitoring the aquaponics system has been a real time saver. In over five years of constant operation there has been no filtering or removal of solids from the system whatsoever and there has been no adverse water quality issues because of this. All the growbeds are full of worms which do a great job of breaking down the solids and making the nutrients available to the plants.

The initial aquaponics set up comprising of 8 half barrels and some NFT piping.  The system still going strong 4 years later, extra barrels for future expansion.